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RazzleTack Designs
 Officially est. 2007


Chips, Charm N'  Pics

Superior quality American Wickett and Craig leather with beautiful finished edges.
Tons of different colored charms/chips/background available
$10 design fee for a custom concho (brands etc)

 Large concho Pricing
With Large 2-1/4 conchos by bit and center of breastcollar, conchos by ear/s crystals, paint, buckles. Additional conchos may be added at extra cost
Basketweave tack                     Floral painted tack  
   One ear headstall - $175                             One ear headstall - $190
   Browband headstall - $185                           skinny spotted Browband headstall - $200
Center concho breastcollar - $180                 Center concho breastcollar - $210
                                                                 wide tooled browband with center concho $255    
                                                                    Includes painted flowers and leaves
                                                                  *Add painted background
                                                        $10 one ear headstall
                                                                         $15 to widebrow headstall           
                                                 $25 breastcollar
                                                                      See floral color examples HERE
Smaller concho Pricing
With smaller square berry or round rope edge conchos
Basket crystal headstalls - $160 (one ear)
Floral headstall -$180 standard paint (one ear) add $10 for painted background
add $10 for skinny browband
$245 for widebrow with center concho
 1.5" round rope edge conchos
1-3/8" Square Berry conchos set as Square or Diamond

NEW conchos!
1-1/2""Bling Rocks" concho                  1-1/2" rope edge concho
*Breastcollar still have the large 2-1/4" conchos with bling around the whole border*
Basket headstalls - $165 (one ear add $10 brow)
Basket breastcollar $185 (with 2-1/4" concho or $165 with 1-1/5")
Floral headstall - one ear $185. $195 with background paint. (add $10 browband style)
Floral breastcollar - with 2-1/4" concho - $215 or $240 with added background paint

View both pages to see more concho choices

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