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RazzleTack Designs
 Officially est. 2007


Pinup Cowgirls

 Hand tooled and painted on superior quality American Wickett and Craig leather with beautiful finished edges.
Includes conchos, crystals, buckles, paint ect.
Basketweave/crystal tack            Floral painted tack
      One ear headstall - $175                             One ear headstall - $190
   Browband headstall - $185                             Browband headstall - $200
Center concho breastcollar - $180                 Center concho breastcollar - $210
 (standard tapered style)                              (painted flowers and leaves)
                                                                    add background $10 headstall
                                                                       $25 breastcollar
                                                                       See floral color examples HERE


Copper spots - $8 per headstall - $18 per breastcollar

These are some other vintage cowgirls that are available for headstalls. Some of them I think I got on there twice :)


Giddy up pinup inlay headstall $185


"Go For Broke" headstall - $175, breastcollar  - $180
floral pinup4 

"Holster them Pistols" pinups and poker chips - $175
raspberry white and turquoise floral with pinup.
Confetti floral paint -  Pinups (no painted background)
confetti with pinups and black background


Surf City pinups (with black background)
Turquoise pink and white pinup
Purple, copper, red, lime "cowgirl"set
Turquoise and Lime "Cowgirl Saloon"
Teal, Magenta + white accents - square cowgirl conchos
Blue white and rose crystals on dark oil

Photos below are shown on old style of floral tack, and represent color schemes/conchos only (new floral tack is shown on top of page)
Palomino, teal, off white on dark oil
Palomino, pink, baby blue on dark oil

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