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RazzleTack Designs
Owner: Alysia Bergette
Officially est. 2007
Meridian, Idaho


"Pure Ice"
Create your own using the  Crystal color chart and any color background.
Tons more available.  I will be adding lots more colors so check back!
     " Red N' black "             "Purdy  "               "Burgundy Bliss"      "Turquoise Bling"
      "Black Ice"                  "pinks"                      "Purple chic"        "Teal-lightful"    
        "peacock"                 "Pink Diva"                 "Purple Diva"        "Purple Gator"
         "Orbit"                         "frostbite"              "Lucky U"             blue zircon a.b/a.b
           "Sunny"                        "Blueberry pie"                   "Forest"        
      "Purple passion"            "Really royal"                  "Teal appeal"
     " Blue bling"                 "Sea breeze"                "sub-lime"                  "valentine"
                                 (sea green background) 
               "patriot"                        "Jazz night"                               "pink chic"
        cobalt/lt. siam/a.b                                                                       rose/a.b
              "Pretty in pink"                    "Silver bullet"                     "Maypole"  
         "Limelight"               "Candy "                         "Tropical breeze"    
  Peridot and a.b crystals                    Large rose/citrine

**** note, below colors are samples made using smaller conchos and crystals
 however, I am now using larger conchos and larger crystals on headstalls.
                "Berry Nice"                               "Pretty In Pink"
             Meridian Blue/ Fuschia crystals                          Crystal AB crystals - pink stars
              "Raspberry Cream"                               "Jazz Night"
                 Crystal Ab/ Ruby crystals                             Jet/blue zircon crystal
               mint / peridot AB              
   " Tapestry "                   "Duster"                    "Royalty"                    "Colonial"
 Jet/ Light topaz         smoked topaz/light topaz   Purple velvet/light topaz     montana blue/light topaz
            "Hot Lava"              "Fire Island"  
            volcano crystals         volcano/citrine         

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