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 Officially est. 2007


Wicked Edge Tack


Hand painted with fun, funky "Wicked" stamped edges. 
I can decorate these with your brands, initials, simple images, custom conchos, just about anything!


Pricing is on an individual basis and can get tricky with all the different options available, here is general pricing:

BASE price for tack/paint and spotted edge
one ear headstalls  $110
widebrow headstalls $150
breastcollars $150


add price of buckles ($25 for most crystal buckles - $30 for chip buckles)
add price of conchos

general concho pricing:
most stock plain conchos are $4 each
stock bling conchos are $6-8 each
fancy chip and image conchos are $12.50 each
Most large image/chip breastcollar center conchos are $20


Copper spots may cost extra (depending on quantity)

$10 design fee for a custom design/brand concho

Crystal rivets are $1.00 each for lg, 60 cents for small, but I can do qty discounts if you get all the bells and whistles.
pearl rivets - 1.75 each

Some conchos with extra bling/turquoise diamond/pearls may cost more

$10 design fee for a custom design/brand concho


Black and pink - Breast cancer awareness set pink and black (with my fight like a girl conchos) - 
$235.00 headstall      $210 - breastcollar
$10 for custom concho fee
purple ribbon
 giddy up tack set pastels
pink,turquoise and amethyst wicked edge set on dark oil with cross conchos
black gold fuchsia tack set
Black Fuchsia and gold with Copper spots - headstall - $170, breastcollar $180
 shooter girl headstall
wicked edge shooter girl headstall black and silver - $140 as shown or $145 with bling buckles
navy and black wicked edge
 Wicked edge navy and black headstall $145 (can do different conchos & buckles)
Black pink and purple peace headstall 
$170 pink and black peace ear headstall wicked edge.  
breast cancer ribbon horse tack set
Double Pink Ribbon breast cancer set - $185 one ear headstall, Breastcollar $195
cross chip wicked edge 
cross chip set
turquoise cross chip conchos on black and white wicked edge $390
breast cancer award set
turquoise skulls
turquoise sugar skulls with all a.b. crystals
sugar skulls

sugar skulls tack set 2
Sugar Skulls tooled set. One ear Headstall-$175 Breastcollar - $205

Black and White cross set with turquoise chunks

Black and White cross set with turquoise chunks
Black and White turquoise chunk set - headstall $175, breastcollar $185

black and white turquoise chunk faith set with COPPER accents - 
one ear headstall $180, breastcollar $195

Turquoise chip and pink cross set with copper accents
One ear headstall $180
widebrow headstall $235                     breastcollar $195

Pink and White blessed set headstall -  $180 breastcollar - $195

Giddy up paisley set
Headstall $190 breastcollar $225

Cystic Fibrosis tack set - Widebrow headstall $225 (one ear $175) breastcollar - $195

Breastcollar $225 -  headstall $185 

Wicked edge TEAL and black chips set

Wicked edge TEAL and black chips set
 Copper, teal and black chip and daisy set headstall $180 breastcollar $195


Runnin' on Faith turquoise chunk tack set Headstall $245, breastcollar $230
(can be done any color scheme)

pink and black "runnin on faith" headstall - $245 as shown

pink and black runnin on faith set $190 one ear headstall $225 breastcollar
2 toned runnin on faith
2 toned runnin on faith, turquoise white fully painted breastcollar - $225

White, black and copper runnin' on faith with turquoise accents

Runnin' on faith turquoise/black with copper spots
One ear Headstall $190, breastcollar $205

Paisley cross widebrow scalloped headstall,
$245 with these image/razzletack conchos or $210 with stock bling conchos.

Paisley cross breastcollar $240 (can do different conchos also)

Skull and One ear headstall - $190,  Breastcollar $220

Any custom design, this layout (wicked edge with rough texture stamp) -

Spotted browband Headstall with 8 extra bling berry conchos - $225

Spotted breastcollar with 4 extra bling berry conchos and triangle center$205

Baby pink and black custom barrel racer breastcollar - $235 with 5 custom conchos as shown

Light oil turquoise and black chunk set - Headstall $185, breastcollar $210


Copper and Pearl Elegance tack set - headstall $185, breastcollar $210

Tooled money wicked edge set - One ear Headstall-$175 Breastcollar - $205
Custom concho scalloped headstall - $190 ($10 for custom concho design fee)

"Show me the Money" tack set (can do in any color scheme or on scalloped tack)
Tapered breastcollar is $240 (any colors or image on concho)
Headstall with stock bling buckles + stock bling ear concho- $190
(this one shown has a $15 buckle upgrade and and $5 upgraded concho on the ear also)

"Show me the money" - scalloped breastcollar - $215

Lucky Money tack set.        $175 Headstall       $210 breastcollar
Can do in light or dark oil, any paint colors.

$235 big bucks widebrow ($175 one ear)

 Simple 3 color lime black and white set - Headstall $165 breastcollar $170
"Kiss my Dust" bronc halter - $105 any colors
 Headstall $180, breastcollar $210 
"I Play Dirty" two toned teal and white headstall 
$190 with spotted edge ($180 with plain edge)
Ain't no Angel" aquamarine and swarovski pearl one ear - $175




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