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RazzleTack Designs
 Officially est. 2007


Custom Items
 I can make the items on my site just about any color you want. I would be happy to e-mail pictures of samples I have in stock if you would like to see colors.
Most hand painted and tooled items are made from Wickett and Craig leather with beautiful finished edges.
Paint and Finish- Tack is painted with high quality commercial type
 paints made for leather. The paints are flexible and durable. and all also
sealed for extra protection. 
The Pictures on custom conchos have a clear plasic-like coating, and will
 not scratch off. 
Please view the Care and Cleaning page here - http://www.razzletack.com/pages/Careandcleaning.php
 Disclaimer- RazzleTack Designs will not be held responsible for any accident
or injury resulting from the use of our tack. Please use common sense, horses
are large animals and can break even the strongest leathers and materials. Broken 
tack resulting form horses rubbing or pulling back, getting caught on things can
be repaired for a small fee + shipping cost. 

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