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 Officially est. 2007


  Crystal Tack
Please use care and common sense when using crystal tack. Crystals are similar to glass and they can scratch, chip or break if struck. Clean crystals rivets with a very soft slightly damp cloth. Crystal Conchos can be cleaned with water and a soft toothbrush.
Hand Painted Tack
Clean hand painted tack gently using a damp sponge or cloth. Use painted tack with discretion and avoid contact with sharp objects. Leather paints are flexible and durable. and all also sealed for extra protection. However to ensure the life of your painted tack, avoid overbending, and bending during freezing temperatures. Painted tack will last several years
Concho Screws- Use a white glue ( Elmer's) or clear nail polish on your concho screws. This will keep them from working loose, but if you need to get them off you can still
break the seal. Do not use super glue or permanent glues. You can order
replacement conchos if needed.
Do use Alcohol, chemicals or cleaners on painted surfaces or
crystals conchos.
Please e-mail me regarding any repairs. I do not charge for small paint, concho or crystal repairs, only the return fee for shipping. Charges may apply to replace broken leather parts such as a horse pulling and breaking leather halter, lost or being tied by/breaking headstall and replacing lost conchos.
Disclaimer- RazzleTack Designs will not be held responsible for any accident
or injury resulting from the use of our tack. Please use common sense, horses
are large animals and can break even the strongest leathers and materials.

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